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General Information

Who we are:

Dudek and Bock is a family-owned business and leading manufacturer of custom springs, wire forms, metal stampings, and assemblies. Contact us via email here

Our Mission Statement:

  “Our mission is to achieve superior customer satisfaction by integrating quality, responsiveness, technology, and value through innovation, continuous improvement, and teamwork.”

Our Values:

Customer Satisfaction.  We are committed to the success of our customers by providing products and engineering services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of cost, quality, and on-time delivery.

Quality.  We strive for the highest quality products at competitive prices by adhering to the most rigorous international quality standards and certifications.

Performance Driven.  We are committed to achieving profitable growth by establishing demanding performance goals, and promoting accountability, integrity, and responsibility.

Trust and Teamwork.  We strive to treat our employees fairly through honesty, respect, open communications, and a safe working environment. We encourage problem solving, trust, and teamwork.  We are committed to providing an opportunity for professional growth and a livelihood for our employees.             

Innovation and Creativity.  We have a passion for innovation, originality, and technical superiority.  We encourage new ideas and processes that can enhance our services, quality of our products, and use of resources.

Contact us via email here



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