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Dudek & Bock: Your World Class Manufacturer of Springs, Wireforms, Light Metal Stampings and Assemblies in the United States, Mexico, and China.

Dudek & Bock is a leading manufacturer of custom springs, wireforms, light metal stampings, and assemblies.

Dudek & Bock's reputation for quality and on-time delivery has earned us respect from the many Fortune 500 companies we serve, which regularly require quanities over 50,000 pieces per day. Companies like Ford Motor and Johnson Controls have acknowledged Dudek & Bock with coveted awards, which distinguish our quality, cost control, and customer service.

We supply nealry every industry, from automotive, appliance, and electronic to sporting goods, furniture, lighting, hardware, and mining.

Dudek & Bock can straighten and cut, and produce parts out of any ferrous or non-ferrous material, including basic wire, music wire, HDMB, OTMB, chrome silicon, Dudek & Bock spring manufacturerStainless Steel Type 430, beryllium copper and phosphor bronze. Dudek & Bock also excels at lap and butt welding technology, producing welded rings in round, oval, and rectangular shapes in highly efficient, "one-shot," continuous operations designed for high-production runs.

Dudek & Bock utilizes the latest quality systems, including Statistical Process Control, spring force testers, gauging, cycle testing, charting, and certification. Our methodologies follow ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified processes to enure the highest standards.

Dudek & Bock began as a family business in Chicago in 1946. Today, we continue to manufacture springs, wireforms, and assemblies in Chicago, but we also extend that family pride and personalized service worldwide, with plants in Mexico and China, which maintain our emphasis on quality service.

In short, Dudek & Bock is an award-winning, world-class supplier of custom springs, wireforms, light metal stampings, and assemblies. We provide the resources to meet all your needs professionally and expeditiously.



Dudek & Bock is a member of the Spring Manufacturers Institute


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